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  • Save money while shopping for clothes

    Shopping for new clothes can always be a fun activity, but that joy will quickly dissolved when you see the price tags on some outfits.

     You can save plenty of money on clothes by being a thrifty shopper.You can still wear your old clothes, but if you consider yourself a fashionista, you may be ready for a whole new line of outfits. Going shopping can help breathe new life into your closet, but new styles and designs could hurt your checking account. Here are a few shopping tips to help you save money:

    Shop earlier in the week
    Being busy during the week with work or picking up your kids can prevent you from heading to the mall and finding your brand new outfit. You can do all your shopping on the weekend, but chances are the malls and department stores will be crowded with people doing the same exact thing you are doing. Plus, all of your clothing options could be bought up by the time the weekend rolls around. To get your dream outfit and save a few extra dollars, try to space out a little time at the beginning of the week. On Mondays, stores will usually be restocking their inventories in order to prepare themselves for the weeks sales. By spacing out a little time at the beginning of the week, even an hour after work, you will be able to find great deals for the clothes you want.

    Buy what you need, not what you want
    As you are shopping, you want to be savvy. Purchasing every single item of clothing that catches your eye can be costly and pack your closet to the brim.

    When looking at outfits, try to decide how long you will use it for. Determine whether these pieces of clothing will have practical uses for the foreseeable future. By having this mindset, you will be able to curb overspending and save yourself a few dollars.

    Deals and coupons
    While you are perusing through your Sunday newspaper at the breakfast table, see if there are any sales announcements. Many stores will put coupons or promote sales in the Sunday paper as it is one of the most popular of the week. If you find one of these deals or coupons, call the store and make sure the sale is still going on.

    Using the Internet
    Online shopping can be another resource to help you get you find new clothes. Sometimes malls are crowded and out of stock of the latest fashions. With online shopping, you can avoid these crowds and find sites with cheaper versions of the clothes you want.

    Thrift stores
    Heading out to the mall to do shopping can be a great resource, but chances are these stores will have overpriced clothes and deals that are not financially beneficial to you. To save money, head to other locations such as thrift stores or outlet malls. These shopping outlets can give you an array of options to choose from while also being cost-effective. Inspect quality

    While looking at different outfits, take a closer look at the quality of the clothing. Especially at thrift stores, where many of the outfits are slightly used. Paying for a dress or a pair of shoes and then finding out shortly afterwards that the clothes are not durable can be a major letdown.

    Look at the stitching and tailoring to make sure there are no threads showing or if anything is falling off. If a store has a dressing room, take advantage of that and try on the clothes.